Friday, June 17, 2016

Alice in Chains at The Paramount Theater, Seattle July 8th 2016~ Buy Your Tickets Now!

Considering my personal history with Alice in Chains, I feel its important to note that our ticket sales help support our non-profit Shine Music Project. Our goal is to put instruments in the hands of future Rooster's! 

To see Alice at The Paramount will be amazing for both old and new fans. We love love love William here on Xanaland, and we of course adore The Rooster ( or as he has corrected me, " Son of The Rooster " ) 

To read our blogs on Jerry and Alice in Chains- for a bit of grunge history, click HERE

To buy your tickets to see Alice at The Paramount on Friday July 8th, click HERE 

Thank you for shopping through Xanaland! 

Hey! Did you know that we also sell a few Alice related items? When you buy on Amazon, through us, it also goes to support our non-profit Shine Music Project. Amazon's ' SMILE ' affiliate program donates a small portion to us, and then your Amazon account can further support us by adding Shine to your choice of SMILE affiliates. Isn't that a cool way to help support a non-profit? 

Buy this cool Jerry Canterell/ Alice in Chains backpack! 

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